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Отзыв компании TORMAX Automatic Doors, LLC

Все отзывы об ALP
  • IT Infrastructure Analysis in the Branches of TORMAX Automatic Doors, LLC

    старт сотрудничества:


    дата отзыва:


    TORMAX Automatic Doors, LLC represents the interests of the Swiss company TORMAX in Russia. The offices of the Russian representation are territorially distributed: the company operates in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg.

    About partner choice

    The company needed an IT audit of the server landscape in the center and regions in order to bring the IT infrastructure into compliance with international standards, best practices, and the requirements of the modern Russian market for high quality IT.

    For a detailed study of the IT infrastructure, identifying and solving potential problems, as well as for the further upgrade of the server landscape, TORMAX needed a partner capable of ensuring a unified quality of work in all cities where it has a presence (according to the SLA).

    Another important requirement for the partner was the ability to interact with international companies in a clear and prompt manner in order to create and coordinate project plans, taking into account the timing of the delivery of equipment from abroad, strict regulations applied at the macroregion level, etc.

    This partner is ALP Group, which has all of the necessary competencies and over twenty years of experience of successful cooperation with large international companies and their Russian representative offices.

    About the project

    In October 2016, ALP Group specialists conducted an IT infrastructure audit in each territorial subdivision of the customer company. For two weeks, they checked the operation of server hardware, storage, LAN, Active Directory, mail, "1C" to meet the current requirements of performance, scalability, capacity, and availability. In addition, they checked how much the information system of the enterprise is reliable and resistant to possible failures.

    The engineers also investigated the backup system of important business information (financial, confidential, etc.) and analyzed the reliability of access to key IT services (the complexity of the password system, etc.).

    Furthermore, the employees of regional companies who are part of the executor's partner network and work within the framework of common processes with the ALP Group (managing IT requests, incidents, problems) conducted a licensed IT audit and developed a convenient and understandable scheme for acquiring additional licenses for software and hardware from vendors.

    About results and plans

    Based on the results of the study, ALP Group prepared a report with detailed recommendations on the settings of the backup system and business-critical services (mail, CRM, 1C). The specialists also presented in the report recommendations for a colleague from Europe concerning the updating and further development of the IT infrastructure.

    After completing the audit, the ALP Group project team carried out all the necessary work to create backup copies of business data; corrected deficiencies detected in the hardware configuration (routers, access points, etc.).

    In parallel with the main tasks, the ALP Group project team equipped a server room that complies with all of the standards (power supply, cooling, supplying an Internet cable to the server room, cable marking). They also ensured the interaction of TORMAX with Internet providers.

    After approval of all the proposed changes with the head office, we plan to follow the recommendations of the ALP Group, which is to increase the capacity of IT systems, secure critical data, and improve the overall resiliency of the IT infrastructure and, as a result, business continuity. Another stage in our cooperation will be a project to move to a new office in the second quarter of 2017.

    In addition to the strong technical competence of the ALP Group specialists, we would like to note their strong organizational skills, the ability to properly plan the project work, and develop solutions that consider all of the requirements, specifics of work, and situations of the customer company. We recommend this IT partner to all companies of our same profile.

    About the customer

    TORMAX Automatic Doors, LLC offers a full range of services: from the development of a design solution, the supply of equipment and its installation, to the performance of warranty obligations and subsequent maintenance. You can find the doors of TORMAX in office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants, in shops, airports, and train stations, on ships and in apartment buildings – in short, in hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world.

    Finance Director
    Ya. A. Zaretskaya

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