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INVITRO-IT test environment analysis project

Feedback on the INVITRO-IT test environment analysis project

Дата отзыва: 10.06.2016

Founded in 1998, INVITRO was among the first companies to establish a chain of medical centers in Moscow and across other cities of Russia. Today, the INVITRO® trademark is associated with over 850 medical centers all over Russia. The chain is also widely represented in Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine. The results of trials conducted in INVITRO are recognized in all healthcare facilities of the Russian Federation.

In order to simplify the implementation of IT innovations in INVITRO's information systems and prevent the most common implementation and support problems, the experts at INVITRO-IT (the group's service unit) are responsible for the development and testing of each new software or hardware system in a special test environment powered by dedicated IT infrastructure. The number of coexisting test environments and their lifetimes are strictly limited, which is why the acceleration of their life cycle is crucial to grow the capacities of the entire development system, as well as the testing and implementation of new IT solutions and services.

The ALP Group project team was tasked with finding out if the INVITRO-IT test IT infrastructure meets the requirements for the performance, capacity and availability of IT services. ALP Group experts also defined possibilities for the optimization of infrastructure processes.

During the project, the company's staff analyzed: the server farm, DSS, local data transfer system and the set of critical infrastructural and practical IT systems (Microsoft-powered services, etc.), as well as Personal Accounts, WKS Procedural Sister, and the special Laboratory Information System service.

The evaluation showed a number of software and hardware configuration faults, and the team suggested a list of options with various advantages and costs to improve the test infrastructure's performance. All the options significantly accelerated the creation and other phases of the test environment's life cycle.

The research ALP Group conducted in a timely manner showed clearly that the functionality of the test environment, as well as all its related processes, could be significantly optimized. We are satisfied with the professional level of the executor and the options suggested for the further improvement of our test environment's efficiency.

P.P. Litvinov

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