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IT Outsourcing Benefits

IT outsourcing. Quality and Reliability

  • The company that provides IT outsourcing is legally responsible for the fulfillment of service level agreement (Service Level Agreement, SLA).
  • The service level agreement includes expressly stated service regulations which are never clearly described in the contract with a full-time employee.
  • In case of an illness or unforeseen circumstances, a full-time employee may not appear at work, but outsourcing company provides the specified level of IT service regardless of such circumstances (in case of "rent a specialist" service and the necessity of specialist’s stay in your office, the company will find a replacement).
  • A full-time employee may leave the company, which can cause unexpected effects. In case of specialist’s dismissal, the outsourcing company can easily replace him/her, trouble-free for the Customer (due to SLA, Customer Descriptor, knowledge base, requests history).

IT Outsourcing. Our Experts Qualifications and Skills

  • The common pool of experiences and skills of IT outsourcing company employees offers higher efficiency than the efforts of Customer’s individual employees.
  • Qualification of IT company’s specialists is confirmed by IT tests and certificates.
  • The company providing IT services has many specialists knowledgeable in various subject fields and experienced in using different products.

IT Outsourcing. Cost Savings

  • Subject to the agreement for IT outsourcing, you do not bear specialists management costs.
  • Subject to the agreement for IT outsourcing, you do not bear additional costs for rent. Moreover, you do not have to pay taxes for the employees.
  • The company providing IT service has clearly defined regulations so that effectiveness factor of any invited specialist is several times higher than that of an employee.

IT Outsourcing. Transparency and Manageability

  • Subject to the agreement for IT outsourcing, records of tasks and their deadlines are kept.   All reports are provided to the Customer.
  • Complete reporting.
  • Under the contract for IT outsourcing and the service level agreement (SLA), only agreed requests are addressed in the exact time period.
  • The company providing IT outsourcing services holds records of service company specialists work time, and, therefore, of your costs.
  • The outsourcing company implements modern control and accounting mechanisms. You can always access your orders, thus having a clear view of jobs, terms, and priorities.
  • The ALP Group applies a bonus and penalty system, thus ensuring that its employees pay close attention to performing their duties.
  • Outsourcing company employees are more motivated as they have clear growth prospects; there is a special bonus system.

IT Outsourcing. Variety of Services.Variety of Services

  • The range of services, provided under the contract for IT outsourcing is always wider than capacities of one specialist or even a small group of them.
  • The company providing IT services can undertake solving organization issues when interacting with other companies in IT field (here, managers will do a better job than system administrators).
  • The outsourcing company can undertake resolution of those issues that individual employees solve badly, inefficiently or cannot solve at all (for example, equipment transportation, etc.).

IT Outsourcing. Effectiveness

  • Conceptual issues resolution (IP telephony, Portal solutions etc.) .
  • The company providing IT outsourcing services works in accordance with ITSM standards.
  • Projects performing in accordance with the design approach (IT Audit, documents preparation).
  • Problem resolution.
  • More beneficial interaction with other companies: the outsourcing company is a representative defending Customer's interests when cooperating with third-party organizations.

IT Outsourcing. Scalability

  • The range of services provided is growing along with your business (ALP Group offers solutions both for small companies and for holding companies and group of companies).
  • The company is able to perform occasional works: projects for IT infrastructure building up, equipment selection, etc. with no need to find temporary additional resources.

IT Outsourcing. Flexibility

Subject to the contract for IT outsourcing, the set of services is flexible and can be changed at the parties request; a full-time employee is not always able to provide such an opportunity. For example, we have developed special service plans for our Customers.

Contacts: Boris,

Head of Sales Departament


Head of ITSM Departament

E-mail:     itsm@alp.ru

Phone in Russia:+7 (495) 785-51-51

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