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Support Service

Customer Support Service HelpDesk (Service Desk) includes:

  • Three levels of support: HelpDesk specialists, engineers, leading specialists; leveled task escalation depending on difficulty category.
  • HelpDesk and Service Desk managers are heading the team to manage resources and task performance control as well as to manage customer relations.
  • Scalability — when necessary, HelpDesk and Service Desk team can be increased up to 2-3 times (to complete the most challenging projects in the shortest time frame); support during off-duty hours and week-ends if necessary.
  • Special software for recording and tracking HelpDesk and Service Desk tasks — ALP TimeManager; request reporting for the week/month/year.
  • Maintaining of HelpDesk and Service Desk Knowledge Base based on Wiki technology.

Organization Chart of Customer Support by Help Desk Service (Service Desk)

Organization Chart of Customer Support by Help Desk
  1. A user leaves a request for support via Internet, e-mail, short message, or by giving a telephone call.
  2. The requests are accepted by the first line of support — HelpDesk specialists. The task is registered in TimeManager system and accepted for execution. Extensive Knowledge Base and HelpDesk staff experience enable to solve more than 90% of tasks remotely and on-line.
  3. If, due to objective reasons, the solution takes more than a certain amount of time (a complex, new or uncharacteristic problem), for example, over 15-20 minutes, the task is escalated to the second support level — HelpDesk IT engineers. This approach allows to get more skilled specialists involved if the task requires this, while HelpDesk specialists will be free to receive calls and solve more typical tasks.
  4. HelpDesk IT engineers headed by the leading specialist search for the solution, the process and way of finding solution is documented in HelpDesk Knowledge Base. If necessary (business application errors), the request is made to the developers. Due to the fact that everything is documented in HelpDesk Knowledge Base, next time this task is very likely to be solved by HelpDesk specialists as typical.
  5. HelpDesk IT manager controls escalation and problem solving process, and gets additional resources involved if necessary.
  6. HelpDesk specialists report in TimeManager on the process, status and resolution of the issue. The user and IT manager are notified automatically.

Thus, HelpDesk (Service Desk) team provides support in accordance with SLA (Service Level Agreement). All the requests coming to HelpDesk — for an incident resolution, for a change, etc. — are escalated, tracked and resolved in accordance with the stringent regulations that are bound to ensure SLA specified level of service quality.

Contacts: Boris,

Head of Sales Departament


Head of ITSM Departament

E-mail:     itsm@alp.ru

Phone in Russia:+7 (495) 785-51-51

We are trusted by:

  • Gazpromneft
  • Solvay, Farma
  • Capital Group
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Megafon
  • Procter and Gamble
  • World Class
  • Nestle
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